Played on BBC 6 Music/Fatea Award Winners/9 Eps released/New Album - Hope in a Jar - Autumn 2021

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Flaming June

/Released Nov 5th 2021 - Ships Nov 1st 2021/ A ten track album of new songs which I recorded and produced during the lockdowns of 20/21. This is Flaming June's first album having released over 10 EPs over the years.

This album was a labour of love. I reconnected with music tech having lost touch since the days of Atari computers and Cubase Hard disks. All the midi learning from the past came easily though. I experimented with field recordings and granular synthesis on Paralyse Me Where I Stand.

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New single - In The Dark There's Gold

Out 1st October 2021

Written in the darkest of winters, In The Dark There's Gold will be the 3rd and final single from the new album Hope in A Jar which is out on November the 5th.


I've told my story......

Flaming June began in the 1990s and singer/songwriter Louise Eatock's passion for writing songs has remained throughout life's twists and turns and children being born and raised.

The line-ups have been many and the songs keep coming. 

After 9 EPs, it's time for a debut album. The new album - Hope in a Jar - will be released in the Autumn of 2021.

New Single - Paralyse Me Where I Stand

Out 12.8.21

"Flaming June has you moving like crazy while feeling the life wire of frenetc energy vibrating in your chest through Paralyse Me Where I Stand" - The Other Side Reviews  Sept 2021

"Flaming June creates the perfect storm of a frenetic fast paced laced with overwhelming enotions that represent the panic of "fight-or-flight mode" - Popfad

New single

The Ballad of Daniel Dawson

Out 18.6.21

taken from our forthcoming album - Hope in a Jar released Autumn 2021

 "It is an accomplished song, very competently delivered. The time, energy and effort that Louise has put into learning how to record and produce over the lock-down period has more than paid dividends." - FATEA MAGAZINE - THE BALLAD OF DANIEL DAWSON.

"If you are a big fan of folk music and are looking for something energetic, genuine and educational – Flaming June’s new single is definitely for you!" -

"Simply an incredible experience in storytelling and songwriting put to record, The Ballad of Daniel Dawson will stand the test of time as a song that stands on its own two feet." -

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